Portrait #4 : William and Laetitia Ventura

Portrait of a passionate and inspiring couple, with whom art and design are everywhere


William and Laetitia invited us to discover their Parisian interior, both refined and warm. They tell us about their respective passions, architecture and art.

Hello William and Laetitia! Could you tell us a bit more about you? What do you do in life?

L: I have a background in art, I worked for several years in a contemporary art gallery. 
W: I am an architect, I set up my agency 3 years ago now. I realize architecture and interior design projects for private individuals as well as public places.


How would you define your interior?

L: Less minimalist than what we had in mind! Warm, contemporary...
W: In our image. It's simple, it's a mix of our two universes. The spaces are very bright, which is pleasant to live in, and highlights the many objects accumulated over the years. 


Your favourite room Laetitia, why? And you William?

L: The bathroom, the most soothing room, and very bright in the morning. 
W: I really like the kitchen in length. When not in use, it disappears like a piece of furniture, while during a dinner or an evening it becomes a room in itself.

William, how do you approach your architectural projects? Where do you draw your inspiration and what are your influences?

W: The thinking behind each project is different. The context, the history of the place, the needs of the clients. These are the elements that guide me at the beginning of the design process, rather than specific inspirations. At the same time, I am interested in all artistic disciplines, and interesting references can be found in ancient or contemporary architecture, but also in cinema, art or even music. 


Laetitia, you are passionate about contemporary art. Which artists touch you the most? Why?

L: That's a very broad question! I have a particular sensitivity for contemporary art, which is the field in which I have specialised. But I also like design a lot. In contemporary art, I am very sensitive to Minimal Art and Land Art. In situ art, sculptures and outdoor installations have an undeniable force. I like the approach of artists like James Turrell, Robert Morris or Richard Serra, who offer complete and timeless experiences. 


William, do you include plants in your projects? Is this an increasingly frequent request from your clients?

W: Until now I have only worked on interior projects, so the question of landscape did not arise. However, it is true that as soon as you design a building, whatever its scale, the question of landscape is present. It is an integral part of architecture.


Botany has always fascinated painters, authors... Laetitia, are you thinking about artists whose work is inspired by the plant world or nature and you would like to tell us about them?

L: First of all and quite obviously, the impressionists. They were the first painters to leave academism in order to try to print the direct motif of nature on a canvas. But once again I will come back to Land Art, where the artist integrates the landscape into his work to give it a new perspective. In this Land Art is finally very close to architecture. It is a human intervention in an environment which, instead of distorting it, enhances it. The most beautiful exhibitions I have seen were often on trips to museums with beautiful outdoor spaces. Nature can support Art and Art can support nature. 


What is the herbarium that you like the most at Herbarium? What does it evoke to you?

L: I've always liked the fern, it brings back memories of beautiful walks in the forest. 
W: I really like the false philodendron leaf, for its very graphic shape.


What would be the next plant you would like to see in our collections?

W: Plants with dark tones.
L: Or fig leaves again! 


A restaurant where we might run into you?

W & L, together: Chez Omar for the best couscous. That's our canteen, we always end up there... 


Can we follow you on instagram?

L: I'm in private but you can follow William! 
W: On my instagram account: @williamventuraarchitect

Arethere any accounts you'd like us to discover?

L: The one for Margaux Avril @margauxavril, my best friend, photographer and singer, who is also Head of Social Media at Vestiaire Collective. Otherwise, for accounts focused on contemporary art: @collectors and @larrys_list, and overall, all the gallery accounts to discover new artists, new exhibitions. Then to finish, our painter friend whose work we love: @camillecottier. She's a very talented young artist who deserves to be even more known !
W : The account of my best friend, photographer, Noé Baruchel Dominati @noe.baruchel.dominati, and that of our friend Ugo Scalia, art advisor, @ugoscalia. I also recently discovered a contemporary artist, Guim Tio Zarraluki @guimtio. He paints beautiful landscapes.

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