Portrait #15 : Marion Graux

Immersion in the Parisian workshop of the ceramist Marion Graux

Marion Graux

Marion Graux opened the doors of her ceramics workshop adjacent to her home. She welcomed us with bienveillance over tea, served in her pretty pottery. 
Marion describes her craft as a praise of everyday life. Making with the heart and transforming each meal into a unique and authentic moment is her motto! 
Dive into her world where simplicity becomes refinement.

Hello Marion, thank you for having us! Can you tell us more about you and your background?

With pleasure, welcome to my home! 
My name is Marion and I have been a ceramist for ten years now. I studied fashion and then I started my professional career as a decorative stylist in the press. I am attached to the fact that I don't talk about reconversion but rather about evolution while keeping this spirit of continuity in life. I have always been sensitive to notions of aesthetics and in particular to the art of living. 

Where does your passion for pottery come from?

I believe that before being a passion, my primary goal is to create inspiring tableware that meets my daily needs. I like to offer an infinite playground to build tables according to our desires. Mealtime is essential, we meet three times a day around a table, so I consider it essential to make these moments simple but unique. 

Marion Graux

How would you define your approach to pottery?

I have a very gourmet approach to pottery because I create what will receive the food. Through my pottery, I advocate taking care of your meal. For me, every meal is a painting. For example, a seasonal soup in a pretty green bowl will not tell the same story as in the same amber bowl. 
My creations reflect the movement, the cadence of my workshop, the choreography of the gestures that made them. I see them as a praise of the everyday. 

Does buying your creations mean "consuming differently"?

Today my creations reflect the price of craftsmanship. My plates are simply the price of time, handmade and exclusive pieces. 
For some time now, I have been able to observe that individuals have rediscovered the pleasure of making food and sharing it in various ways, such as by taking photos of what they eat. They have taken the time to take care of their meals.

Marion Graux

Your ceramics sit on the stoves of Cyril Lignac, Hélène Darroze, Charles Compagnon or Guy Martin, how do you manage to keep so much humility and authenticity in your work?

I think that I have a lot of chance, that it is a beautiful coincidence to be in tune with the current trends despite myself. 
As far as restaurants are concerned, I really enjoy visiting the people I work with chance . I recommend the Café Compagnon of my friend Charles and the Frenchie of one of my favourite chefs, Greg Marchand. 

As your studio is attached to your flat, how do you manage the proximity between your private and professional life?

I don't necessarily try to separate my private life from my professional life, it has a certain charm for me, it's a way of life. Having taken over a former florist's shop, I really appreciate this "back office" aspect. I like the closeness that it allows me to have with my children. My workshop is a room in the house. On the other hand, during the week, once the children are at school, this creative space becomes my place, my universe and my work space. 

Atelier Marine Graux

Where do you find your inspiration in your daily life?

I would love to answer that I find my inspiration in exhibitions, during trips... I wish I could answer in this way in the near future, but today, my family life fills me up. My priority is to give time to my children, so I take advantage of these moments as well as my moments of calm and solitude, when I refocus on myself. 

Do you have places where you like to recharge your batteries?

In yoga! I find myself in an ashram at the Gare de l'Est. I also recommend Lily Barbery's classes, which introduced me to Kundalini yoga. In addition, sadhanas, yoga classes at sunrise, in exceptional Parisian locations, are timeless experiences.

Plants, whether dried or fresh, play an important role in your daily life. How do you explain this?

It's a way for me to invite nature into my daily life, to cultivate a garden in my house while bringing a very aesthetic dimension to it. What I like best is the spontaneity of picking up leaves, branches and flowers during my walks and giving them a second life by drying them to decorate my home. 


If you had to choose a flower?

Spontaneously, I would answer the peony for its abundance of petals but also the immortelle for its so particular smell which I find spicy and exotic and which makes me travel. 

What is your favourite herbarium among our creations?

The palm tree and the false philodendron! I find their minimalism very elegant. I prefer the leaves, but the pansies also seduce me with their rich colours. 

Marine Graux céramiste

You told us that you listen to a lot of podcasts, which ones would you recommend?

I listen to the radio a lot when I'm in my studio. So podcasts came naturally to me and I particularly enjoy listening to those that focus on women. 
I recommend: 
- Decoder 
- Down to earth 
- The taste of M 
- Let's have a taste 
- The book club 

Who would you recommend for a future Herbalover portrait?

I'm thinking of Géraldine Dormoy, an Instagram journalist.