Portrait #13 : Margaux de Fouchier

Immersion in the singular and poetic universe of Margaux de Fouchier

Margaux de fouchier

Margaux is one of that generation of unclassifiable, multi-talented young women. Photography, music, art direction, writing, digital communication: Margaux combines her passions through projects and blossoms in a creative plurality that only resembles her. 
On the occasion of this meeting, she welcomed us in her Parisian apartment in the 6th arrondissement, where she lives with her lover. A cocoon under the warm and timeless roofs where you feel instantly at ease. 
Sensitive portrait of a creative woman out of category.

Hello Margaux, thank you for having us in your home. Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background? 

Hello, welcome ;) 
I was born and raised in Paris, where I live. After studying photography, I released a first music album and then a second one in English in self-production. I was the Head of Social of Vestiaire Collective for 2 years and a half, and today I work with other brands, including Maison Matisse, as a freelancer. 

You manage to combine several passions, several jobs. How do you manage to organize yourself?

I don't know! Ahaha. My days can be as much rhythm of Excel spreadsheets, retroplannings, brainstorming and production meetings... as of shootings, studio sessions, writing time: and I certainly forget some! But what helps me is that I love what I do, or that I do what I like... I try to keep, as much as possible, "calm" times to read, write, and rest from all the solicitations in order to come back even more anchored and passionate.

Margaux de fouchier

What inspires you to feed your creativity? 

I can really be inspired by "anything" as long as it touches me, resonates with me, challenges me. I am obviously very inspired by the work of many people that I discover through social networks, who inspire me with originality, delicacy, mastery of light, words, sensitivity. Through books, music, cinema... Nevertheless, I would say that Stephen Shore was a revelation in photography and Henri Matisse whom I (re)discover particularly since I work with Maison Matisse. 

What are your plans for 2021? 

2021 or later... Retroplannings have been a little bumpy lately. Anyway, I'm aiming to refine if not unveil my projects this year, which are, a music project - completely different from what I could do before -, and write a book... While continuing photography, digital communication, DA, collaborations, texts and other projects...

Margaux de fouchier

Can you tell us the story of your flat, why did you chose it? 

It was a friend's flat that my boyfriend had been looking at for a few years... which we had the pleasure of getting back chance ! It is under the roof, with an extraordinary view of Paris. You feel at the same time like in a country house with its woodwork and its stairs, and at the same time like in an isolated lighthouse, high up, with this view over the roofs, almost not overlooked. The light is exceptional. I have a special place to admire the sunsets for which I have a particular affection and history (it was an almost sacred moment that we shared, moved, with my parents). The building itself is magnificent, and listed. It is a cocoon, a nugget! 

Margaux de foucgier

How did you and your lover decide on the decoration? 

Eclectically! It's made and unmade over time, as we find new things, as we need them. Above all, I don't think it follows any "trend". It is rather created from personal objects, family heirlooms, memories of travels, personal favourites... Everything does not necessarily go together, but we try to create a harmony in this "happy mess". I think that in the end, it gives a very personal, intimate, and therefore warm decoration. 

Margaux de fouchier

What is your favourite space, the one where you feel most at home? 

It's impossible to choose, and I love having several favourite corners so that I can change my space, my "installation" according to my mood, the light, what I'm working on... Which is very important as I work a lot from home. I love the little office in the corner, facing the sea of roofs, the big office in the sun, the "reading" corner under the velux window, and the must, for the nice days, the terrace on the top floor overlooking Paris... 

What is the designer room you would like to buy? 

Anything from Sophie Pearce's Béton Brut (to put it simply!) - and of course, a piece from Maison Matisse.

What's your way of enchanting your everyday life? 

Seeing and appreciating a light, a play of colours, materials... A look, an exchange, words that often touch my heart. I am grateful to marvel unceasingly. Listening to music, a podcast, singing at the top of my lungs, dancing, tasting good products, discovering new things, meeting, learning, reading, taking care of myself, and sharing this as much as possible with the people I love, and especially my lover are my feasts for the soul.

Margaux de fouchier

Flowers and nature often come back to your world, is it a source of inspiration for you? 

Obviously, it is a source of inspiration and resource. There is something extremely magical, powerful, delicate, poetic, spiritual, mysterious in nature... When I find myself there, I feel infinitely humble, always with renewed energy, soothed... inspiring. 

Faux philodendron

What are your favorite flowers? 

Peony, Camellia... Sunflower: I love the fact that it follows the sun. 

What is your favourite herbarium among our creations? 

The Faux Philodendron, which obviously reminds me of Henri Matisse's paintings. And (why choose?!) the Palmier d'Arc, absolutely graphic and exotic.

What are the addresses in Paris where we might run into you? 

At Augustin's, a wine merchant, as his name indicates, a great wine merchant with fresh products to be tasted down the road, or at the Gulf of Naples, a small Italian who doesn't look like much but is delicious and very nice, at Sancerre Rive Gauche that friends are holding with a lot of joie de vivre, at Margùs, or at the little Célestin. My list is long and I can't wait to go back! 

Margaux de fouchier

Do you have any books you can recommend? 

I've got plenty! I made a long list in the "diary" part of my site... Spontaneously, I would recommend "J'irais nager dans plus de rivières" by Philippe Labro, which is the last book I read and absolutely adored. For the rest, go here

Any instagram accounts you'd like us to find out about? 

I have so many to recommend... So then, spontaneously, I'd say: 
@LaurianneMelierre@collabforlove@wegivecollab for their commitments, 
@morganharpernichols for his illustrated poems, 
@viancasoleil and @palmheightsgc for beautiful sunshine, 
@maison_matisse founded by the heirs of Henri Matisse, and therefore the most legitimate brand to reinterpret and pay tribute to this genius! 
... and mine, @margauxdefouchier to discover all the other accounts and universes that I regularly share! 

Margaux de fouchier

A mantra you always have in the corner of your head? 

"Know thyself. » 

Margaux de fouchier