Portrait #5 : Joris Poggioli

Discover the arty and eclectic world of designer Joris Poggioli


Designer, architect, contractor, draftsman, sculptor... Our latest Herbalover has many surprises in store for us.
Immersion in the world of this young man with Italian origins, who seems to succeed at everything and whose first Parisian showroom will soon open its doors!

Joris, could you introduce yourself and tell us about your job as a designer?

I'm an architect by training, it's my first passion. I came to design about 3 years ago precisely because of the need for architectural projects. I got caught up in the game and I never stopped. I believe that the possibility of proposing a "finished" object pleases me a lot. There are also very strong links with sculpture, which I practiced for a long time.


Where does this passion for design come from?

I think it came from sculpture! I was trained for 10 years in my uncle's workshop in modeling, marble and wood carving... and I think the love for the object itself came from there. For me, the border between design and art is very porous.

How would you define your creations?

I try as much as possible to work on the form, it's essential. In my opinion, a successful piece is first of all a set of curves, a set of shapes that communicate with each other under the light. Then the material, worked like a garment that comes to sublimate these forms. The work on timelessness is also very important to me.


Which piece of furniture do you prefer among your collections? Why do you like it?

Tough question! They all represent a special moment for me, but if I had to choose one I think it would be my Aglaé console.


You've completely redecorated your apartment. How did you envision this project?

I like to collect things, it's a bit frantic. They take up a lot of space in my house. So I thought of my apartment as a neutral box that could hold all these souvenirs.

Could you describe your interior, your decoration?

I don't think anything is really calculated, it's a summary of my travels, my favourites and prototypes of my collections.

Do you have some addresses or decoration websites to recommend? Where we could find beautiful pieces of furniture and objects to decorate our interiors!

No address but two sites: kolkhoze.fr and theoremeeditions.com, the young guard of contemporary design furniture! 

Vase Joris

What is the object you couldn't do without at home? The one you miss and dream of?

My Ettore Sottsass vase that my girlfriend gave me for my last birthday.
An Elda armchair by Joe Colombo!

What place does nature have in your life? Is it a source of inspiration for you?

Yes very much, formally nature is a perfection. It's no coincidence that it constantly inspires so many artists around the world! 
Having grown up at the foot of the mountains, I often need a breath of fresh air! Despite my very urban side and my love of Paris.

The corner of nature where you like to escape / recharge your batteries?

The garden of my parents' house in Grimaud that I designed with an incredible landscape artist: Christophe Niez. He taught me a lot about plants, their exhibitions, their needs, their scents... We shape the garden together like a work in constant evolution.


Which model do you prefer among all our creations? Why?

The Monstera Deliciosa because it reminds me of Matisse's paintings!


You live in the heart of Paris, in the Marais. What are your favourite addresses in this area?

Naturally the Place des Vosges, which for me is the most beautiful square in Paris.
A real Italian restaurant - the Don Giovanni!
The best Pisco in Paris at Cape Horn! 

What does a weekend in Paris with you look like?

It always starts with sport and a boxing session at my gym, then lunch on the terrace in the sun if possible.
Then go and draw in the Cour Puget of the Louvre which is my favourite place in Paris. Then I walk home along the quays, then have dinner with all my friends and finish late at night! 


Can we follow you on instagram? Any accounts to share?

Of course, @jorispoggioli where I try to share my creations.
I really like the account of @marco_mansi_ which publishes pictures of sublime interiors.

Do you have any upcoming projects you'd like to tell us about?

The opening of my future showroom in a few weeks at 29 rue Chapon in the 3rd! You will of course be invited!