Portrait #12 : Jessica Troisfontaine

She is an entrepreneur who helps women take power.

Jessica Troisfontaine

From her former profession as a lawyer, Jessica Troisfontaine has mostly retained a taste for clothes that bring self-confidence to women. 
Promoting women's empowerment: this is the mission she has given herself when she left business law in 2017 to launch Septem
the brand that helps women take power.
Meet a young woman with a communicative energy that makes you want to believe in your dreams.

Hello Jessica! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Septem? 

Hello, hello With pleasure. My name is Jessica Troisfontaine, I have just turned 30, I am Belgian by origin and I moved to Paris 10 years ago. I am the founder of Septem, a ready-to-wear brand specializing in combinations, and the Septem Club podcast, in which I interview inspiring personalities about their journey.

What's your background? How did you go from lawyer to founder of this beautiful brand?

My background is a bit atypical because I studied business law. And after 2 years in an Anglo-Saxon firm, I realized that this job would probably never make me happy. I then resigned, then launched Septem. That was three years ago!

Jessica Troisfontaine

What were your motivations? 

My motivation was never to "simply" sell clothes. I wanted to create both a brand and an inspirational medium, which would feed each other, to help women take power over their lives. The Septem Girl is bold, feminine and assertive, dreamy and pragmatic, as elegant in her attitude as in her way of being, greedy for life and good things. It has a thousand faces and a common quality: determination.

Why the name "Septem"? 

Septem means "7" in Latin and this figure is important for two reasons. The first is that my last day as a lawyer was September 7, 2017. The second is that the collections were initially thought of as weekly, with a combination for each day of the week. As the collections grew, the weekly disappeared, but the principle of dressing women in every moment of their daily lives remained.

Jessica Troisfontaine

Where do you like to sketch at home? 

To draw the collections or to think about new projects in peace and quiet, I love to sit at the big wooden table in the middle of the main room. The flat is on the 7th floor and we have the chance incredible view of Paris! But I haven't always had such a setting to look for inspiration... When I started Septem, I did everything from the bedroom of my old flat, which was not very bright. To think about new ideas, I would go for a walk around Paris. Even today, I think better while walking; it keeps my mind moving! 

Jessica Troisfontaine

How did you plan the layout of your flat? 

My boyfriend was already living there when I met him. So the flat was already furnished and frankly, it has such good taste that I didn't have to make any major changes to feel comfortable. 

Livre Jessica Troisfontaine

What are the decorative items you value most ?

Books. Cicero is said to have said, "A room without books is like a body without a soul." The books in our house all say something about a period in our lives. And I find the idea that my books are now mixed with those of my lover very romantic. Otherwise, I am very attached to a work by the artist Pauline Guerrier that my lover gave me on our first anniversary together. It reproduces, under glass plates, our two lines of the hand in gold leaf... Sublime beauty and poetry.

Are flowers and nature a source of inspiration for your brand?

Very much so. It's more the colours of flowers or landscapes that move me and make me want to create.

What is your favourite flower? Why is that? 

Peonies. I love their delicacy, their gradation of colours and above all the fact that every year you have to wait until May to find them for only a few weeks. 

Terrasse Jessica Troisfontaine

Your little flowery corner on your terrace makes you want to get away from the noise of the city. Does nature allow you to recharge your batteries? Do you have a place to go green?

Yes, it's a little corner of paradise, which lends itself magnificently to afternoons of reading... And above all to aperitifs! To really recharge your batteries, we love to go to a little house in the countryside. No network and nothing to do but cook, walk in nature and love each other. Happiness! 

Herbier consoude blacnche

What is your favourite herbarium at Herbarium? Why is that? 

delphinium White comfrey. It is delicate and poetic, and at the same time symbolises joy andallégresse. That's what I like, quite simply!

Instagram accounts to recommend? 

@philosophyissexy to broaden the horizon of his thinking
@ad_magazine to soak her eye with beauty
@septem_paris to take inspiration from taking power

A place where you often go to Paris and want to share with us? 

At Marcel's in the 6th arrondissement! This is an old Lyon cork that Pierre Cheucle, the talented boss of the place, had the good taste to leave in his juice. He serves a cuisine in his image: greedy and generous. This is the first restaurant I want to return to as soon as we can.

Jessica Troisfontaine

What would you say to women who want to start entrepreneurship? 

Ideas that are not put into practice, either idealize them or regret them. The only thing you risk when you embark on a project is to learn.

A word for the end? A message to get across? 

Offer herbariums, because flowers are perishable. And join it with candy, because it's so good. And listen to all Jacques Brel, too.