Portrait #2 : founders of Mirae

Meet 3 Herbalovers : Tara Jarmon, her daughter Camille and Edith Cabane


This trio of free, cheerful and spontaneous women invited us to discover the place where it all began for Mirae, the new ultra-feminine and eco-friendly ready-to-wear brand. Discover their glamorous and sunny universe through the lens of the talented Sarah Balhadère.

Who are you? Can you tell us about Mirae?

Camille, Tara and Edith! Mirae is a new brand that we launched in April 2018 with the desire to make pretty, sexy dresses that would give women self-confidence. In a transparent, responsible and not guilt-tripping way!

What if we had to describe the universe in a few words?

Ultra-feminine, impertinent, greedy and hedonistic!


"Mirae is an ultra-feminine, impertinent, greedy and hedonistic brand!"

Bureaux Mirae

How would you define Mirae's offices?

This is home! Tara welcomed us into her home and we turned the children's rooms into an office. There's a real start-up spirit with our schedules on the wall and post-it notes everywhere... It's a happy semi-organized mess, a bit like Mirae!

What inspires you to create your collections?

Books, films, vintage objects, the dress of our 15th birthday, the dress of our 20th birthday, the one we imagined and never had! For the next collection it's the book of our teenage years, all in sensuality and flowery dresses!


Mirae has been designed with a real eco-responsible approach. Is the environment a subject that touches you?

Of course! How not to be concerned? The impact we have on the world every day is huge, and we wanted to think about our responsibility in all this and do things with awareness.

A decoration tip to feel good at the office?

A good lamp, custom mugs, plants and make the walls your own. Our favorite office goodies: our swiss balls. We love them!


"What makes us smile? Running into Mirae girls in the street!"


The floral print you would like to have in your next collections?


What's your favorite piece from Herbarium? Why?

The crown of daisies! Because it's the print that brought us luck at the launch of Mirae. 


Your favourite flower?

Wild columbine.

Your favourite colour?

Pink in all its forms!

A place to take a break in the countryside?

It's a hotel-restaurant two hours from Paris, lost in the forest where you can eat local food and drink delicious wine.


What makes you smile?

When Deliveroo rings the doorbell, the first clementines of winter, succeed in orienting a tourist, the smell of the first chimney fires, reach the 10 000 steps per day on his iphone, one dessert... two spoons, the little madeleine next to the coffee, aches under the buttocks, Tara's coffee! And coming across girls wearing Mirae in the street!


Spots where we could see you?

At Reformation Pilates, at Tigre Yoga Club, at the Piaf, at the Hôtel Bourbon, at Dose café in Les Batignolles, at Echo for brunch or at Terroirs d'avenir ! 

Mirae Paris

Upcoming projects for Mirae?

Plenty! We're looking for a store, preparing for our 1 year anniversary party and opening a pop-up at 16 rue de Poitou, from December 10th to 23rd! 

Can we follow you on Instagram?

With pleasure! miraepariscamillejarmoniamtarajarmonedithcabane !!! 

An insta account that you would like us to discover?

@amours_solitaires! An account that advocates the revolution of love and dreams that we all express our feelings more...