Portrait #7 : Emmanuelle Magnan

Portrait of our new Herbalover: meeting with Emmanuelle Magnan


On the occasion of our special Valentine's Day collaboration, we met the artistic director and co-founder of Pampa, the coolest and most glittering brand of colourful bouquets! She invited us to discover her Parisian apartment and told us about her entrepreneurial adventure but also about her passion for flowers.

Hello Emmanuelle, thank you for welcoming us! Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit moreabout yourself?

Hello! Thank you for coming to my house! I'm 31 years old, I was born and raised in Marseille. I've been living in Paris for 13 years now, in the 19th arrondissement. After working for several years on e-commerce projects in fashion and luxury in a com' agency, I founded Pampa with Noélie 3 years ago to quench my thirst for entrepreneurship and above all to live from my passion for flowers.


How did you get into the Pampa adventure with Noélie?

We met each other when we were working for We Love Green - we met again several years later and while talking, we realized that we both had plans to set up a box and moreover, we were in the flower business! At the time, the flower market hadn't yet experienced its revival and there were a million things to create to make it evolve. We soon started brainstorming and got involved in the project... our duo was launched! Noélie was in charge of all the business, finance and marketing and I was in charge of all the AD, product design and communication. We wanted to create the brand that would allow the flower to go from being a simple product to a lifestyle product. Infuse the flower into people's everyday life by making it take multiple forms and by declining it ad infinitum!


Why this name - Pampa?

Ah... Pampa... Pampa means so many things to us. Pampa is the party, the nature, the jungle in the city. The fertile soil of the eponymous Argentinean region... It's a tribute to the Pampa grass, our emblem, and to the eponymous music label founded by DJ Koze, an artist we love and who played We Love Green when we worked there. A touch of humor, a name that sounds good and is memorable. And for us, it sums up our bouquets, which are little jungles in abundance!

At Pampa, you're in charge of all the AD and the image, among other things. Where do you get your inspiration for your job?

I'm very sensitive to colours. Always have been. I'm fascinated by the effect colours can have on me. Pampa is a great work around colour, assemblages, harmony, coherence, vibrancy. I observe my environment a lot and I am on the lookout for anything that can present a form of aestheticism. And that's how I approach my work around flowers. I look for their hidden beauty, the detail in each of them that will turn everything upside down. A stain, a pattern, a texture, a gradation, its shape, its petals... I see a little bit the flowers that we select as golden numbers with perfect proportions. Then around our flowers there is our universe which is built around pop culture, fashion, music... We have a very artistic and festive approach in everything we do.


Apart from the collab, what's your favourite thing about Herbarium?

I love the customisable letters! I like the idea of being able to dedicate it to someone and choose its colour, its frame...


What would be the perfect night for you to celebrate Valentine's Day? Some tips to spend a not too cheesy but still romantic moment?

Oh lala I've never celebrated Valentine's Day... I'm still at the workshop finishing the last bouquets... but a pizza at Da Graziella with my lover would be my perfect plan!

At Pampa, you regularly share your favourite music in your newsletter. What would be your special Valentine's Day playlist?

Those Guys - Love Love
Folamour - Devoted To U
Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is a Hurtin' Thing
Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
Dee-Lite - What Is Love
The Rah Band - Messages From The Stars


What are the Pampa news in addition to our great collaboration?

There's a lot going on at Pampa, we've just released a new collection of dried flowers and a brand new offer of fabric flowers called illusion flowers dedicated to professionals! 


Do you have any 100% flower power insta accounts to recommend us?

@lamusadelasflores & @floretflower<3

And addresses where you can go green without leaving Paris?

Les Buttes Chaumont, La Butte Bergeyre, Les Serres D'Auteuil.