Portrait #9 : Élisa Gallois

An inspiring mum for our Mother's Day special portrait

Elisa Gallois

As Mother's Day approaches, we had the opportunity to meet Elisa Gallois and her beautiful little girls, Lou and Mia, at chance . Smiles, good humour and douceur were all there. The creator of the blog "Et Dieu Créa" talked to us about her role as a mother, the importance of nature in her life and showed us her beautiful and well thought out interior!

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your famous blog "Et Dieu Créa" which is also available in the following formats on instagram?

I'm Elisa, I'm 43 years old, I started my blog a little more than ten years ago as a family diary. It's actually a window not on our lives but on my universe, what touches me and what I like to explore. My Instagram is an extension of that.

Where do all these DIY ideas and creative talents come from?

Thank you very much, I wouldn't say I have talent, but a lot of ideas that I have fun realizing... I have a minute cooker brain but I also read a lot, I watch a lot of things: movies, exhibitions... and finally I travel.


Can you also tell us about your daughters Lou and Mia? What is your mother-daughter relationship?

I am a fusion mom and they are at an age where this fusion is still possible. So the three of us spend a lot of time together.

You also have a boy, Jules. Howdifferent is the mother-son relationship?

It's not gender that changes the relationship but age. Jules is a teenager, he flies away gently and that's, in my opinion, as healthy as it is normal.


Finally, for you, being a mom is...?

Being a solid base to allow your children to fly away peacefully and come back when they need or want to.


Through your articles and photographs, we can see that nature is essential for you. to you. What place does it hold in your life?

It is indeed essential. I literally grew up barefoot in the bush! If I appreciate the pleasures of urban life, I only expect one thing: a return to a life closer to nature, calmer and more essential.

By the way, would you have any advice for us on where to go green with the family

chance In France, we have a multitude of sublime and extremely differentregions... For my part, I dream of the Ardèche, of an isolated house with a river not far away where I can swim.


I also see that botany and plants are an integral part of your decor. Can you tell us why?

I find that there is no art more noble and subtle than Nature itself! Botanical plates fascinate me because they combine perfect aesthetics and unequalled science.


Speaking of botany, what do our herbariums remind you of?

I have long loved your herbariums, they are the quintessence of simplicity, delicate, fragile and above all, what could be prettier than a touch of plant life in the home?


What are your plans for the future? I think a move to the southwest is going to be a good idea profile? 

I'm working on several books and yes I'm hoping for a move even if there's nothing concrete at the moment.

What would be your dream house in the country?

It would be small, made of wood, with a real vegetable garden and an undivided garden!


Your interior is superb and very well thought out! Who has taken care of the layout and decoration? Where did you get your inspiration?

Oh that's lovely, thank you very much; we did it all ourselves. The small apartment is designed like a hut. That is to say that nature is everywhere, natural materials and every space is optimized. I have a big collection of books on cabins and tiny houses in which I pick up a lot of ideas.

What is your favourite space at home?

My living room, we're all there together just the way I like it!


What did you want for the children's room?

I wanted it to reflect their personalities and be a refuge for them.

Do you have any kids' brands to recommend for fashion, accessories and/ordecoration? 

I love Louise Misha for clothes.
Georgette has quilts for cooks made from antique furniture.
Merci Mercredi for the 100% nature workshops.


And finally, some good kid-friendly addresses in Paris?

I love the Recyclerie but I find that Paris is not generally a very kid-friendly city. I've had the chance chance to travel a lot and I think we're very late in thinking about families when it comes to places to go out in France.

Thanks again for your generosity and your welcome! And for those who don't know it yet, here is the address of your blog: www.etdieucrea.com