Portrait #8 : Chloé and Anthony Hennequez

Discover the beautiful world of Chloé and Antony Hennequez


The founder of the blog Chloeandyou and her husband welcomed us with open arms in their beautiful apartment ideally located just a stone's throw from the Saint-Ouen flea market. A place where life is good and where you feel at home. Chloé and Anthony talked to us about ecology, the importance of nature in their lives but also about their good food and decoration addresses. All this under the watchful eye of their cat Marcel...

Chloe, Anthony, thanks for having us! It's a pleasure to meet you! Could you tell us about your journey and the Chloeandyou adventure?

Welcome to you, we're delighted to welcome you! We are Chloé and Anthony, together for a little over 5 years, parents of a little Romy 2 years old and married for almost a year.
Chloé: I created my blog chloeandyou, more than 8 years ago in parallel with my studies and then my work. It has evolved along with my life and today I'm mostly present on instagram(@chloeandyou) where I mainly share our apartment, our veggie recipes, our parents' life, responsible fashion and our sensitivity for ecology.


So you both work on the blog and the instagram? How do you share the tasks / who does what?

Anthony joined me a few months ago to help me in this nice adventure that is the blog. He takes care a lot of the administrative stuff that I like less, emails, contracts, green topics that I've been wanting to deal with for a while but that I couldn't find the time to share as I wanted. As for me, it allows me to spend more time on what I really like to do, share and be present for my community. The distribution was rather natural because he was already involved before.

Chloe, ecology and well-being are subjects that you talk about on a regular basis. How important are these topics in your life?

These topics are an integral part of our daily life. I noticed that they were of interest to my community, that they raised a lot of questions and queries. So I try to share our discoveries and tips as soon as possible.


Do you have any advice on how to easily integrate small gestures for our planet into your daily life?

You should start with what seems to be the easiest to do, setting yourself small challenges each month. Often, doing the simplest thing is better for your health and for the planet. Consuming locally by going back to the local merchants or to the AMAPs; buying raw food to avoid processed products; buying in bulk with your own reusable containers; vegetalizing your plates - we don't talk about it enough but it has a very strong impact on our carbon footprint -; buying second-hand for furniture, dishes, clothes, technology; setting your heating at 17 and putting on a sweater; unsubscribing from automatic emails and sorting through your email boxes; choosing public transportation instead of the car, etc. The list goes on and on, but we really have to keep in mind that some actions that may seem trivial actually have a much greater impact than big changes in our lifestyle. The key is to listen to each other and bring a little sobriety into our lives where everything goes too fast and where we always want more.


What is your relationship with nature? Do you have any advice on where to go green?

We regularly need to recharge our batteries in the countryside, especially since we didn't grow up in Paris and we miss nature very much, hence the country feel in every room of our apartment. A few weeks ago, we spent a weekend at the Country Lodge in a pretty little wooden hut surrounded by farm animals, Romy loved it!


You have been following our project and the Chloeandyou adventure for several years now. Was it your sensitivity to the vegetal world that guided you towards them or your taste for decoration?

Both! We found at Herbarium the perfect mix between decoration and nature. We have a herbarium in practically every room of the apartment! We love it!


What a joy to take out this herbarium in collaboration with you Chloe! What does this creation evoke for you?

If you knew how happy I am with this collaboration, thank you again for thinking of me. This creation brings together everything I like, it's simple, elegant and very natural.

Besides this co-creation, what is your favourite herbarium with us?

It's hard to say, they're all gorgeous! But I think our favorite is the one in our room, the oatmeal.


We have the chance to discover your interior. It's beautiful and you feel good right away! What were your inspirations for your decoration? Who took care of it?

We really wanted a house in the country but our lives kept us in Paris. So we opted for an apartment that needed to be completely redone and we took the opportunity to bring the countryside back to the city through natural, raw materials and authentic, mottled pieces.


You don't live far from the Saint-Ouen fleamarket.You prefer to hunt old objects or discover new designers?

We love to hunt furniture that has a past history and an authentic patina but we like to combine the recent and the old for a harmonious decoration. We recently fell in love with two designer lamps, one for the bedroom and one for the living room. We love them!


What's your favourite object at home?

I think it's the table in our dining room that we found at the flea market. It comes from India and was used as a market stall.

What did you want for your little daughter Romy's bedroom space, how did you envisage the decoration?

We thought about the layout of her room so that she could play there alone without danger and so that she could be autonomous. Everything is accessible to her and the furniture is fixed to the wall. She sleeps on a bed on the floor and can get up as soon as she is awake. Often, as soon as she wakes up, she is alone and goes to get a book, a musical instrument, a puzzle... Her trick of the moment, choosing her clothes in the morning, the beginning of complications! 


We are obliged to ask you some insta accounts to follow ! Your top five! 

@la_maison_du_pati for the animals and the country house side, @_designtales_ for the decoration, @amandinearcs for its Tuesday prints and its spiritual side, @etdieucrea and @jauraispumappelermarcel for their nice little family life.


And your best food and decoration spots not far from your home?

We love the Bonne Aventure restaurant (@bonne_aventure_resto) which revisits its menu every day with seasonal vegetables, the Yaya (@yayarestaurant) for its Greek cuisine always in season and the mob hotel for its pizzas (@mobhotel). For the decoration, we love to wander the small alleys of the Vernaison market in the flea market of Saint-Ouen and the two shops of @my_discoveries where we found our famous table.


What's next for the Chloeandyou adventure?

We have a lot of great partnerships this year and are currently working on several projects together, we'll tell you more soon.

Finally, your best trip recently?

Last October we did a road trip in Iceland, we visited the famous Golden Circle in the south of the island. Big love for this country very close to nature. The landscapes are lunar and breathtaking. We had the impression to be completely disconnected from everything, it was magic. The first road trip of Romy!