Portrait #1 : Alexandra Van Houtte

Portrait of a Herbalover: Alexandra Van Houtte


A young and talented entrepreneur, Alexandra founded Tagwalk, the first search engine specialized in fashion, two years ago.
With the ambition to become the Google of the catwalks, the site is still talking about her, driven by the overflowing energy of its founder.
Last September, she opened the doors of her eclectic and warm Parisian interior, in her image.

Who decorated your apartment?

It's a real mix between me and the people I love! I've gleaned memories from Mexico, India, the north of England, my childhood - it's a mix of everything that has touched me in my life.


How would you define your interior?

My decor is very British (I'm half English) with Cath Kidson paper in my bedroom but also ultra girly with my Jo Malone candles and my Assouline books. I'm really comfortable at home, my apartment has an ultra cocoon feel to it.


Where do you buy your furniture/decor?

I buy a lot at online auctions, then at Pamono for the vintage and Rue Vintage 74 which I love. I also have a real passion for Carolina Irving's fabrics. I only buy favourites!

Your favourite space?

I think this is my room - I love the wallpaper, my cushions embroidered in India, my sheets in water green linen, my cashmere plaid from Brora, a sublime English brand, and the objects on the chest of drawers in front of the bed: my Herbarium herbarium, a Louis Vuitton perfume box, and an AMOUR plate from the CSAO association. I also have a two-metre wide bed, so it's a bit of paradise for me! 


What inspires you?

Many things inspire me, but I draw most of my energy from nature, the landscapes, the colours, the smells, the air and the cold of the mountains, the warmth on the sand...

Someone you admire?

I'm thinking of two people. Carmen Busquets, my investor, an incredible person, who hides behind Farfetch and Net-A-Porter. She's a visionary with extraordinary insight. Then my mother, I think the best there is on earth. She's a landscaper and does crazy projects, finds the time to answer the phone four times a day to advise me.


Are you more country or city?

I'm definitely country! The greenery and the quietness soothe me a lot.


Your favourite flower?

I grew up with sweet peas next to my bed so I would say sweet peas for the house. However, if someone wants to give me a bouquet then I'd say peonies!

What color do you like the most?

Pale pink!


Any addresses where we might run into you?

The Chai de L'Abbaye for a drink, Lala, Sarah Lavoine's restaurant, for lunch, and Biologique Recherche, on the Champs Elysées, for my skin. And Glow Bar in London! 


Your last trip?

India! I went to an ashram in Kerala, it was incredible! Very invigorating and restful.

Any plans for the future?

Growing up - again and again - it's a bit of a digital scourge, it never stops!

Can we follow you on instagram?

@alexandravanhoutte and @tagwalk

And finally, any accounts you'd like to share with us?

@barracudacomporta @maisonnue @main.edition @anotherloves

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